Seeking for validation

I am a person who seeks for others’ validation and approvals most of the time. I feel like it has had a negative impact on my own control of who I want to become as well as what I would like …

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About me and my blog

I am a recent graduate at a respectable university called the University of Auckland. I come from Vietnam but moved to New Zealand for a 5-year education. Now I am venturing in Australia trying to find a career path. It is tough. It is a different environment. But I am hoping that I will have something to remember for life. Living in New Zealand for 5 years has deepened my love for the country. NZ is beautiful with spectacular breathtaking scenery. I am talking about crystal clear lakes and majestic snow-capped mountains in South Island or long soft-sand beaches in North Islands. It’s amazing but the people are even more incredible. Yeah I am still in love with the country. Having been in Aussie for a few months I have not explored what it has to offer yet, which  should do though.

Recently I have just discovered that my Mom is diagnosed with cancer out of the blue. And it has changed my life dramatically. Forever. But that is OK. because it is life. And it is the reason I started writing blogs, mostly to cope with the emotional difficulties that I am going through. Fresh out of university, I am still struggling to find a job. But like my mentor says, it will come when the timing is right. However, I can’t help but feeling helpless as some stage towards my Mom because I have not got a stable life yet. And I figure that is OK too. I am growing up, each and everyday. My world is changing. My life is full of uncertainties and unexpected turns. I am learning to adapt and cope with these changes. And some day, I will be surprised about what I have accomplished regardless of what my family and I have been through.

I am hoping that whoever is reading my blog ; whether you are in a difficult stage of your life, whether you are taking the first step into the real world, or whether you are facing a difficult challenge, whatever it is, you know that you are not alone and one day you will come out stronger than you would ever imagine.

Keep that smile on your face most of the time and you will see how amazing life is 🙂IMG_20140718_113714780